Small Set #6 2013 Naming Contest 06/17/2013!

  • Posted on June 17, 2013 at 12:16 pm

Hello sparkle friends! DEC is finally getting back to our naming contests! This lovely 10 color set has no particular theme, so be creative! This contest will end at Midnight CDT 06/19/13, THERE MUST BE AT LEAST 10 ENTRIES FOR THE CONTEST TO BE VALID! Here are the usual RULES: One entry per person please, anything more than one (including 2+ in a post) will be disqualified. ALL ENTRIES VALID SINCE IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE THE LAST CONTEST! Winner will be chosen by a randomizer, and receive FIVE FULL SIZES AND 5 SAMPLE SIZES OF THE NEW COLORS, to be chosen by the winner! Unfortunately, NO ENTRIES FROM PAKISTAN WILL BE ELIGIBLE, we do apologize. GOOD LUCK!twinkle_toes brown_glyme daring evening_glow flight_of_fancy fresh_day go_crazy pretty_as_a_peacock stardancer steel_magnolia

21 Comments on Small Set #6 2013 Naming Contest 06/17/2013!

  1. kellzkreations says:

    Summer’s Serenade

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  2. graciepow says:

    A Nearby Galaxy

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  3. Kendra says:

    Pastel Paradie

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  4. lexi838 says:

    Light as a Feather

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  5. MandaK27 says:

    Prima Donna

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  6. jdawn_b85 says:

    spring bling

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  7. aggyjean says:

    Cinderella’s Carousal.

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  8. bribri7 says:

    Summer Skies

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  9. itzpapalotl says:


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  10. luxury says:


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  11. morningmakeup says:

    To Boldly Go

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  12. kmadry123 says:

    A Night At the Ball

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  13. Halfwheat says:

    Spring Meadow

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  14. bernadetteb_ says:

    For my Prince Charming

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  15. bhevarri says:

    Wild Summer Nights

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  16. Lisa says:

    Dancing With Fireflies

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  17. MrsWalter88 says:

    Twinkle Skies

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  18. raddhilary says:


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  19. sophie says:

    Wild Flowers

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  20. Dawn Eyes says:

    Hello and good evening sparkle friends! We have a WINNER! Congratulations to MrsWalter88 for the winning name Twinkle Skies! Thank you to everyone who entered, we had a great response! Will the winner please contact me at! Another contest will be coming very soon! Full list below.

    There were 19 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
    1.Twinkle Skies
    2.Cinderella’s Carousal
    4.Light as a Feather
    5.Wild Summer Nights
    6.Dancing with Fireflies
    7.Spring Bling
    8.Prima Donna
    9.A Nearby Galaxy
    11.To Boldy Go
    12.Spring Meadow
    13.Summer Skies
    14.Pastel Paradise
    15.Summer’s Serenade
    16.For My Prince Charming
    17.A Night at the Ball
    18.Wild Flowers

    Timestamp: 2013-06-20 05:00:32 UTC

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